Jun 3, 2013

Health Metrics: Part Two

This is a very delayed post, but I finally had a brief moment to surface from the craziness that is life to take some time to write a post!  Last time, I wrote about my health metrics from a blood test.  Today I'm writing about my experience testing my body fat percentage test by getting dunked!

Literally, I got dunked.
The experience itself was a little intimidating since body fat percentage is a much better indicator of where you stand health-wise.  People who think they are really thin can actually have a high body fat percentage which means they aren't as healthy as they think they are.  Muscle weighs more than fat, so being low in numbers on a scale doesn't capture where you fall health-wise.

Another intimidating component was not knowing what a good body fat percentage was.  Growing up, you hear a lot about weighing yourself, but rarely is body fat percentage mentioned.  Therefore, I had no clue what I was supposed to stack up to... but this little whiteboard helped provide some clarity in terms of the desired ranges.

Recommended body fat percents based on age and gender

I was incredibly pleased with my results.  I ended up being 17.46% body fat which means that I am within the "Athlete" category of body fat percentage.  The cooler part about getting this test done, is that I also was given a bunch of great stats about how I burn calories and how my body processes things.  For example, if I wanted to lose 0.65 pounds/week, I would have to be on a 1200 calorie diet and to maintain my weight, I have to consume 1519 calories per day.  I was also given an extensive report on how different exercises actually impact my calorie burning, which is much more helpful than the guestimate given by a treadmill or the Nike+ gear on my ipod.

I've been fascinated by how personalized I can make my workouts to truly benefit what I am looking to achieve.  As some of you know, my half-marathon was cancelled, and with work and life getting in the way it has been tough getting back into the swing of exercising.  However, I recently read this amazing article that inspired me to try a different approach to exercise which talked about how girls are always so focused on being skinny when STRONG is the new skinny.

It got me thinking about how I would love to be stronger than I am today, so over the next couple of weeks I'm going to explore strength training through various pathways.  Get excited, it's going to be a gym-tastic time on The Nom dot Com. :)



  1. Do you use a Jawbone Up or Fitbit to track daily health metrics?

  2. I haven't yet, but I have a lot of friends who use both of those and they enjoy them. They aren't super accurate, but if you want something to motivate you to be active on a day to day basis, it's definitely a good reminder and a great way to keep fitness on your mind!